2019 statement

2019 will be THE year. Big changes and challenges are ahead. I think I’m slowly figuring out who I am, who I want to become and what I want to do in life.  People my age a worried about getting a job they like that provides enough to make a good living. I’m no strange … More 2019 statement

Here’s a little throwback to my first trip to Berlin- 2018 ​​

I didn’t expect to like Berlin so much, at all! I don’t like it the way I like Barcelona for example, I use to say one breathes art there, the climate is warm and so is their hospitality! The architecture is breathtaking, so you’re amazed where ever you look! I really fell for that city, … More Here’s a little throwback to my first trip to Berlin- 2018 ​​

Urban Art

Throughout the previous posts, we got to see that the human being is made of a complex set of emotions (not all of them were covered, obviously). During History we have transformed those emotions into art, maybe as a commission, religious beliefs. That is until the artist became an activist, or artivist, and began to … More Urban Art


Guilt, it comes when we make a mistake or feel that we did something  wrong. It is said that this concept first began with Adam and Eve, from the moment we became aware of ourselves, of our sexuality and our mistakes, making us feel guilty. Left- Edward Munch, Right- Klimt Speaking of conscience, how to … More Guilt


By this time, those of you who already follow the blog know that emotions don’t just manifest themselves, in one way, the same goes with this week emotion, desire. It’s etymological origin comes from latin word desiderium, which literally means “missing a star”, but let us save these astro-bodies for later. Glancing is a way … More Desire


Fear is connected to survival, irrational at times! Usually, we fear the unknown, yet I’d say the artists biggest fears are failure and oblivion. During this post, we’ll see how the human being deals with this freezing emotion and its consequences. Kafka, The Metamorphosis famous author, felt fear, “fear” of the modern world, fear of … More Fear


I don’t know about you but, in my opinion, I’ve always thought Norse mythology quite interesting and it’s increasingly influencing popular culture originating books, films, tv shows, etc (speaking of, I highly recommend History Channel’s Vikings). But what does the Norse mythology has to do with art? Well, according to it, there is a place … More Bravery


Have you ever thought how a geometric shape, like the triangle, can represent a feeling? Now, jealousy and envy are similar feelings, yet let’s see how one occurs after the other. Envy happens, from time to time, between two people, however jealousy happens between three people, like a triangle. Let’s go through the most conflicting, … More Jealousy